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Happy Valentine's Day, Oma!

Anna of Helylle

All the best! Thinking of you and hoping the good vibes reach you.

Jennifer Roberts

Hi Chris
I hope you mend swiftly! Sometimes I feel like half the people I know have atrial fibrillation.
Good luck with the soon-to-return cardiologist--


I hope you're feeling much better. What a scare. Here's to much more health and happiness for you!

Beatrix Roberts

Hey Oma what a surprise, it's me, Bea!!! I just read your blog and i like it!! Okay, Love you so much, Bea.


Hello Chris! My goodness, what an ordeal. I'm very glad that you are ok.

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I hope and pray that what ever sickness dusty is going through may God give him health and recovery from his sickness.

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